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The Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Autonomer Frauenhäuser Schleswig-Holstein (LAG) is an association of 13 autonomous women’s shelters in Schleswig-Holstein. 

The LAG enables the women’s shelters to exchange specialized information and guarantees joint public relations and lobbying work to represent their interests at regional and national level. 

Women’s shelters are anonymous places of protection and refuge for women and children who are threatened or affected by violence. 

Women of all life situations, cultures, classes and countries of origin aged 18 and over are accommodated in the women’s shelter, regardless of who is the source of the violence. 

The professionally competent staff members support, advise and accompany the women affected in a biased manner. Where possible, they offer advice in their mother language from a member of staff or through the services of a female interpreter. 

Contact is usually made by telephone. Initial contact can also be made by a female friend, confidential person, other counsellors or the police. 

The telephone numbers of the women’s shelters can be found here

In the women’s shelter, the women look after themselves and their children independently. 

The staff members provide support and advice on questions relating to

  • Livelihood 
  • Separation and divorce 
  • Forced marriage 
  • Violence Protection Act 
  • Residence regulations 
  • Care and contact regulations 
  • Educational issues 

The stay in the women’s shelters in Schleswig-Holstein is free of charge for everyone. 

Some women’s shelters offer a low-barrier stay (Itzehoe, Kiel, Ostholstein, Lübeck, Preetz and Neumünster). 

Some women’s shelters allow pets to be brought along (Preetz).